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e do like a good robot, but there are only
so many wheeled robots that we can get
excited about. Nybble is a programmable,
open-source robot that reminds us of Boston
Dynamics’ Big Dog, but at a price ($200) that
makes it accessible to those of us without MIT-
sized robotic budgets.
Nybble uses an Arduino-compatible microcontroller to store the
commands used to stand, sit, lie down, and crawl like a kitten – the
included Arduino sketch comes to 2000 lines of code. But, what really
makes it exciting for us is the option to add a Raspberry Pi to give it
some artificial intelligence, so it can learn from its environment and
interact on the fly with what’s around it.


By Ronzhong Li hsmag.cc/cSTuwZ

The use of a proximity
sensor for the cat’s
eyes is either spooky
or cute, depending
on how you feel
about cats
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