Healthcare Radius – August 2019

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Medtec China to
attract 25,
professional visitors
Medtec China 2019 will
be held from 25th- 27th
September in Shanghai.
The show will attract more
than 25,000 professional
visitors, including decision-
makers, purchasers, R&D
engineers, product engineers
and quality inspectors from
numerous, famous Chinese
and international medi-
cal device manufacturers
including Medtronic (Shang-
hai), Johnson & Johnson,
Stryker (Suzhou), BD, Smith
& Nephew, Olympus, Canon
Medical, Shanghai United Im-
aging, TuoRen Medical, and
CAL. Nearly 20 companies
such as Shanghai MicroPort
Medical (Group), Shanghai
Daoyuan Biotechnology,
Pharos (Shanghai) Medical
Technology, Suzhou Micro-
Port Rehab Technologies,
GLOBAL PMX, and Shunkang
(Hangzhou) Scientific Instru-
ment will send their delega-
tions to the event.

Abbott has announced the launch of a
laboratory information management
system, STARLIMS Quality Manufac-
turing Solution QM 12.0, to support
integration with various types of plat-
forms and manage data from product
concept to consumer. STARLIMS QM
12.0 is designed for the global manu-
facturing and R&D sectors including

pharmaceuticals/biotech, chemicals
and petrochemicals, oil and gas, food
and beverage, contract services, con-
sumer products and general manu-
facturing. This new offering is built
on the latest version of the STARLIMS
Technology platform 11.7.
"Due to market demand for more
intuitive user experiences, STARLIMS

QM 12.0 is designed to offer increased
freedom of interoperability," said
Mark Spencer, vice president and
general manager, Informatics, Abbott.
"STARLIMS QM 12.0 is more versatile
than ever, reducing IT complexity and
delays, and removing the challenges
associated with supporting older
browser technologies," he added.

Geetanjali Group collaborates with GE

Healthcare Education

Abbott launches quality manufacturing LIMS

Geetanjali University, Geetanjali
Medical College & Hospital (GMCH)
and Geetanjali Institute of Technical
Studies (GITS) has signed a Memoran-
dum of Understanding with Wipro GE
Healthcare (WGE) to provide hands-on,
advanced skill enhancement training
to its medical, engineering and man-
agement graduates. GMCH will also be-
come a nodal centre for GE Healthcare
Education Institute (GEHCI) where it
will undertake skilling programmes for
high school graduates in allied health-
care professional courses. A bio-medi-
cal centre of excellence for engineering
students will also be set-up by GEHCI
in the future for students who will

form the future workforce.
GMCH also announced that it will
become northern India’s first medical
college to install GE Healthcare’s Signa
Architect- a 128-channel, wide-bore,
premium, 3-Tesla MRI which is one of
the worlds’s most advanced MRI sys-
tems. Ankit Agarwal, executive direc-
tor, Geetanjali Group, said, “Under this
collaboration, Wipro GE shall provide
expertise in skill enhancement, support
academics will set up centre of excel-
lence in bio medical engineering by
providing technical courses which shall
bring in more employment and simula-
tion workshop for medical graduate
and post-graduate students.”

They would provide hands-on, advanced skill enhancement training to its medical,
engineering and management graduates.

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