Healthcare Radius – August 2019

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Datar Cancer Genetics
(Europe) GmbH launches
its operations in Germany

Datar Cancer Genetics (Europe)
GmbH has set up its operations in
Germany. It will advance access
to Datar Cancer Genetics Ltd’s
(DCGL) innovative solutions across
the European Union and is a key
milestone for the organisation.
DCGL is one of the leading com-
panies in molecular and genetic
analysis and through the GmbH
will offer molecular genetic ser-
vices across the European region.
Dr Stefan Schuster, a special-
ist in oncology diagnostics, will
provide strategic leadership to the
European operations and expand
the outreach of DCGL.

Fortis Hospital, Mulund, has in-
stalled Da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical
system, the most advanced robotic
surgery technology in the world.
The four-armed surgical robotic
system will be used for the special-
ties of urology, oncology, gynaecol-
ogy, head and neck and gastroin-
testinal surgery.
The surgical system was inaugu-
rated in presence of Dr S Narayani,
zonal director, Fortis Hospital,
Mulund; Dr Anil Heroor, senior con-
sultant, surgical oncology & head of
the department, colorectal surgery;
Fortis Hospital, Mulund and Dr Pan-
kaj Maheshwari chief of urology,
Fortis Hospital, Mulund.
The new Da Vinci Xi System acts
as an extension of the doctor’s
hands, allowing him or her to per-

form a surgery with pinpoint accu-
racy and very little damage to sur-
rounding tissues. It will integrate
skilled surgeons with advanced
technology to aid in conducting
complex surgical procedures.
Speaking about the utility of the
system, Dr Anil Heroor, senior con-
sultant, surgical oncology & HOD-
colorectal surgery, Fortis Hospital,
Mulund, said, “Use of this robotic
surgical system will dramatically
increase precision, visualisation and
dexterity with which the surgi-
cal procedures will be conducted;
greatly benefitting the physicians
and the patients. For patients, this
will mean smaller incisions, shorter
recovery time, and reduced inci-
dences of hospitalistion and its cost

AI-powered online learning platform for doctors

Fortis Hospital, Mulund installs Da Vinci Xi system

Eris Lifesciences, a leading pharmaceutical company,
and PlexusMD, India’s largest professional networking
platform for doctors, announced their partnership for
a unique AI-powered learning platform named 'Saarthi'.
Through this endeavour, the companies aim to enable
Indian physicians stay connected with global develop-
ments and practise evidence-based medicine to improve

patient health outcomes. Artificial intelligence (AI)
empowered technology and machine learning can help
tailor the content and adapt the pace of delivery to each
practising physician’s unique learning needs for them to
apply the insights more effectively in their practice.
This app-based platform will be a one-stop destina-
tion to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME),
medical content, medico-legal precedents, medical
conference feeds, case discussions, etc. for physicians.
'Saarthi' is an interactive, innovative and relevant plat-
form to simplify learning for doctors, who continuously
face time-constraints in their attempt to keep abreast
with latest developments in the medical field.
Dr Viraj Suvarna, president- medical, Eris Lifesciences
Ltd, said, “This partnership is a step forward in a domain
that requires deep learning but where time constraints
become a major deterrent for doctors.” Dr Rohan Desai,
founder, PlexusMD, said, “The app will address two criti-
cal issues in today’s time –information overload and
fake news – to ensure doctors are provided with infor-
mation relevant to them.”
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