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Testing market worth $3.2bn by 2028

The developments in electricity infrastructure of the countries is thriving at rapid pace

Electrifi cation eff orts of emerging
economies are providing a progres-
sive platform to electrical testing
services market. The developments
in electricity infrastructure of the
countries is thriving at rapid pace,
and the move is intended to provide
aff ordable and uninterrupted elec-
tricity to diff erent parts across the
globe. This also demands installa-
tion of power transmission equip-
ment such as transformers, which
will have a direct impact on the
demand for electrical testing ser-
vices market.
According to a recent market
forecast by Future Market Insights,
the global electrical testing services
market is expected to reach a market
value of over $ 7,800mn by the end
of 2028, witnessing a robust growth
rate of over 6.9% during the forecast
period 2018-2028.
The growth of market is also
reinforced by the outburst in

demand for green energy or renew-
able energy sources such as wind,
solar and hydro. With the increase
in demand for the green energy, the
market will also witness a signifi cant
rise in demand for electrical testing
services market in the near future.
Regular testing of the huge elec-
tric equipment becomes neces-
sary as steel plants, and other heavy
industrial equipment are particu-
larly large in size and cumbersome
to handle with.
Replacement of these equip-
ment on the account of failure usu-
ally takes months or sometimes
years based on the original speci-
fi cations, whereas regular testing
helps avoiding failures.
The testing services work in
accordance with the testing stan-
dards laid down by reputed national
and international accreditation
bodies. The testing service provid-
ers can signifi cantly improve its ser-

Ultrasonic meters will be available in 3-in. and 4-in. sizes

Badger Meter E-Series Ultrasonic meters are designed for high measurement accuracy and long-term reliability

Badger Meter, a manufacturer of fl ow
measurement, control and communi-
cations solutions, has announced the
launch of its next generation E-Series®
Ultrasonic meters for commercial
applications. The new meters will be
available in 3-inch and 4-inch sizes.
Badger Meter E-Series Ultrasonic
meters are designed for high measure-
ment accuracy and long-term reliabil-
ity. With extended fl ow ranges, the new
meters are ideal for measuring potable
cold water in commercial and indus-
trial applications that experience wide
fl uctuations in water demand.
Smart alarms provide early detection
for fl ow, temperature and pressure dis-
turbances to help utilities proactively
manage their water systems faster and

more effi ciently. The new E-Series Ultra-
sonic meters will also feature:

  • Open fl ow tube design;

  • Fully electronic meters with pro-
    grammable registration and
    reporting features;

  • Long-term sustained accuracy
    within ±1.5% and extended fl ow
    accuracy within ± 3 percent;

  • Meter alarms for empty pipe,
    exceeding max fl ow, reverse fl ow,
    leak, temperature, pressure and

  • Single and dual outputs with
    industry standard ASCII protocol,
    scale and unscaled and 4-20mA;

  • Fully submersible to withstand
    harsh environments;

  • Lead-free bronze alloy housing

that complies with the lead-free
requirements of the Safe Drinking
Water Act; and,

  • Compatibility with Badger Meter’s
    ORION® family of endpoints.
    Unlike mechanical meters, ultra-
    sonic meters, use high-frequency
    sound waves to measure fl ows. This
    technology helps water utilities
    extend low fl ow accuracy to mea-
    sure small volumes of water, as well
    as improve overall reliability. E-Series
    Ultrasonic meters off er increased
    performance to extend the life of the
    meter and maximiSe revenue.
    “We off er an industry-leading range
    of meter options and the new E-Series
    Ultrasonic meters continue to show-
    case Badger Meter’s innovation. They

are the fi rst commercial meters to
off er pressure and temperature data
and are the only electronic meters
with a modular design that allows for
replaceable electronics,” said Kim
Stoll, vice president of sales and mar-
keting at Badger Meter.

vice quality and leapfrog other play-
ers in market recognition if it com-
plies and provide certifi cations
of InterNational Electrical Test-
ing Association (NETA), Bureau of
Indian Standards (BIS), and Electri-
cal Research & Development Asso-
ciation (ERDA).
With greater scope for develop-

ment, MEA stands out to be the fast-
est growing region in the global elec-
trical testing services market. Grow-
ing industrialisation and urbanisa-
tion will support the growth of elec-
trical testing services in the global
market over the forecast period.
Thus, emerging regions provide a
better scope for electrical testing.
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