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need. It’salso very muchamultiplayer game, which
means youcanshareyour worlds with friends and
friendly strangers alike.
The fun of the gamecomes from discovering how
to grow the thousands of different items, and then
putting them together in interestingways. That
makes up for thefact that the game’sgraphics
aren’t quite as good as some other crafting
games, such asTe rraria.
Growtopia is free to play,but youcanbuy
virtual gems to makeitfaster to unlock new
items for crafting. The gems areoptional,
though, and likeany game of this type, check with an
adult beforespending any money.


romMinecraft andTe rraria to Dragon’sQuest
Builders, games that includealot of crafting –
creating items from different ingredients or materials
–have become very popular.Growtopia is another
game on that list.
It wasfirstreleased for mobile phones and
computers back in 2012, but it’sonly now
coming to the PS4, Switch and XboxOne.
It’sanalways-online game set in a
platform world whereeverything grows on
trees: bricks, furniture, clothing and even
jetpacksorX-ray spectacles.
Your job is to createahome for yourself and
explorethe world, growing and crafting what you

Growyo urown


LikeRobloxorFortnite, Growtopia is an online
game whereyoucanplay and chat with other
people who arealso enjoying the game.
As you might be chatting to new people and
strangers, you need to becareful not to
sharepersonal information with them.Personal
information includes things likeyour name, your
age and date of birth, whereyou live or the name
of your school.
If anyone pressures you toreveal this sort of
information–orsays anything else that worries
or upsets you–log out of the game and talk to
an adult you trust about what has happened.

Craft (almost) anythingyouwant in the multiplayer game Growtopia.

played with friends.

Thereare lots
of things to
craft in the
game, from the
useful to the
wonderfully silly.

It’sgreat fun
to play with
friends, chatting
together while
you build your
dream world.

Youhave to be online
all the time when
playing:if you
lose your
then the
game will stop.

TheWeek Junior’sgames
expert Stuart Dredge gives his
thoughts on this newrelease.

What’s theverdict?

Thereare lots of
things to create.

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