The Week Junior UK - 03.08.2019

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The Week Junior•3August 2019


Learn more...
● Acompanycalled Gone
Crabbing hasahelpful video
with tips about crabbing and
looking after crabs. Head over
to find out more.
● TheWorld Pier Crabbing
Competition is in Cromer,
Norfolk, on 25 August, and it’s
free to enter.Takealook at

Crab linesatthe seasidemay cost
around £5, but it’sfairlyeasy to
makeyour own. Use strong line or
cord ,not string, that’saround 10
metres long. It will needaweight in
asmall net bag tied to it.Amesh
bag used for laundry tablets will
work, if it’scompletely soap-free.

When’s thebesttime
to go crabbing?
Youcan do it all year,but crabs
don’t usually likewater that’sreally
old, and may hide inrocksormud.
It’susuallyeasier tocatch them
when the tide iscoming in.


What doIneed?
Acrabline, which isapiece of cord
or fishing line withastone tied to it
to weigh it down orasmall net bag
with the weight attached.You’ll
also need bait andabucket.Anet
on asmall pole would help,too.




fyou visitapopularcoastal town this summer,you’ll
probably see people fishing for crabs by the edge of the
water.Crabfishing, or crabbing, has beenatradition in the
UK for as long as people have been living by the seasid
Crabbing isreally easy to do and you don’t need m
equipment to be able to do it proper
see the curious creatures close up an
the crabs properly,they won’t be har
The best places to go crabbing ar
and jetties that stick out into the sea
because you will be able toreach de
water.The edge ofaharbourcanals
be agood spot.
When you’reready to start,
takeyour crab line and tieasmall
pieceofbait to the end. Bait is
the food that the crab grips–bi
of rawbacon and fish work w

Lower the line a
crabs live.Youmig eep
afinger on the line so youcanfeel whenacrabpokes at the
bait. Slowly pull the line out of thewater and you may see a
–orperhaps two or three–attached. They usually cling
u pull them out of the sea.
u haveanet onapole, put itcare fully
and put the crab in the bucket. The
st have fresh seawater inside,
e this is their natural habitat. Add
rocksand some seaweed to help
kethe crabs feel morerelaxed.
Don’tkeep morethan 10 crabs in the
ket; release them back into the seaafter
minutes and change thewater every 10
tes. Don’t tip out the crabs fromaheight –
tilt the bucket at thewater’sedge, close to
you caughtthem.



t crabbing
m the pier in
orfolk, with my
mily in the
mer.Iput the
bait on the crab
line and lowered it
to the seabed. The crabs pinched
the bait and held onto it while
Ipulled the line up.Itwas great
fun andIcan’t wait to do it again.


The crabs don’t
get harmed.

Be careful by the water
at aharbour,quay, pier
or beach. Alwaysmakesure
there’s an adult with


whenyou’recrabbing, and

Piers and jetties area
great placetofish forcrabs.
Free download pdf