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1 True 2 Vogue 3 c) Ethiopia 4 True 5 Cardiff 6 a) Avocado 7 False, she is named after
achildhood nickname 8 Dog 9 b) Polar 10 False, hecame secondto Egan Bernal
11 Ellen Renner 12 c)Cats 13 True 14 Crabbing 15 b) Dinosaur

Puzzles page answers

Teacher’s name:Ms McIntyre
School:Thornhill Primary School,London

“Ms McIntyreisanamazing teacher who
always helps me with problems thatIhave,
and she is always willing to help anyone
in need. She makes lessons awesome
and is great fun to chill out with.
Well done, Ms McIntyre!”

“Thankyou! Ilove
my watch and I
love Charlie Noon.
The best thing
about my prize
is that my brother
and sister do not
haveacool watch

“He is likeDonald
lost brother”

“It depends! But
Iamfed up with
him talking
about Brexit!”

“In someways,
believe that if
you stop halfway
through you will
feel unsatisfied!”

“He will probably
doalot of things
wrong and mess
Brexit up”

“I think you
should try to
finish the book,
but if you don’t
likeityou should
findabook that
you like”

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