The Week Junior UK - 03.08.2019

(Axel Boer) #1

Childrenplayonseesawsat border
Young people living in Mexicoand the US have been playing
together on pink seesaws that wererecently installed across
the border.Designed by two university professors, the seesaws
allow children tocommunicate through the steel fence.
The border between the US and Mexicohas attracted attention
because US president DonaldTrump wants to buildawall
along it to stop people travelling into the US illegally.

Rare footagetaken of secretive tribe
Amember of Brazil’sAwá tribe has been filmed in the Amazon
rainforest by activists. The Awápeople live in their traditional
hunting grounds inaremote part of northern Brazil, and it
is thought they have never interacted with modern society.
Campaignerswant to raise awareness of how trees being cut
downcould haveamajor impact on the life of the tribe.

Boat sinks offLibyan coast
ethan 130 people have beenrescued after
aboat carrying migrants sank off thecoast of
Libya.Amigrant is someone who has left their
homecountry in search ofabetter life. The
boatwascarrying around 250 people, of whom
134 have been saved. Thereare 115 people
missing, who arebelieved to have drowned.
Officials said that itwasthe worst shipwreck
in the Mediterranean seathis year.

Huge dinosaurbone discovered
Palaeontologists (scientists who study fossils) in Francehave
foundahuge dinosaur thigh bone. The bone is two metres
long and is believed to havecome fromasauropod–atype
of plant-eating dinosaur withalong neck and tail. Sauropods
lived during the Jurassic eraaround 140 million years ago.
The bonewasfound atadig site in Angeac-Charente, in
south-west France. Morethan 7,500 fossils from 40 different
species have been discovered theresince2010.

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The Week Junior•3August 2019

Countryfaces crisis
Millions of people in Zimbabwe are
going hungry because ofaserious food
shortage. One in three people now
rely on food donated by international
organisations and othercountries.
Zimbabwe is also struggling with
power cuts andadrought (a period of
low rainfall,causingwater shortages),
and thecost of goods is increasing. In
November 2017, President Emmerson
Mnangagwareplaced Robert Mugabe,
who had led thecountry for 37 years.
The government says today’sissues
stem from“decades of decay”under

TheAwá tribesman.

Some of the
rescued migrants.
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