What is a Conex Box

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Conex Boxes are used to protect transported cargo from shock and bad weather conditions, as well as keep
storage products intact. They were first used in the 1950s and were initially developed for the purpose of
commercial shipping.

Depending on the type of product that is going to be sent, the Conex box can vary in dimension, structure,
material, etc. Characteristics of these shipping containers were later standardized, something that expedited
transport without the need to load and unload the merchandise along the way.

There are different types of Conex Boxes for different types of transportation:

Common types include:

  • Dry Storage Conex Boxes

  • Refrigerated Conex Boxes

  • Open Top Conex Boxes

  • Flat Rack Conex Boxes

  • Open Side Conex Boxes

  • Tank Conex Boxes

  • Ventilated Conex Boxes

Dry Storage Conex Box Container

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