What is a Conex Box

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Dry Storage Conex Box shipping containers are your typical standard shipping containers. Basic construction
is made of steel, and hermetically sealed, without cooling or ventilation. Sizes typically come in 20 „, 40‟ or 40
„High Cube. The High Cube category facilitates an increase of 13% of the internal cubic capacity and can
handle the heaviest loads (coal, tobacco, etc.)

Refrigerated Conex Box Container

Reefer Conex Box containers provide a temperature controlled environment. They have a power supply that
connects to energy sources during transport. This allows the products to be transported at a constant
temperature throughout the journey. They have the possibility to lower temperature from - 1 8 ° to 30 °. There
are 20 and 40 foot models, in addition to the High Cube. This type of Conex Box container is especially
recommended for transporting food or products that need a low storage temperature.

Open Top Conex Box

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