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Thursday August 1, 2019

Poultry plans

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson inspects poultry during his visit to rally support for his farming plans post-Brexit, at
Shervington Farm, St Brides Wentlooge near Newport, Wales on Tuesday. Photo: AFP

N.Korea fires more missiles: Seoul

Europe obliged

to let it sell and

ship oil: Iran

Iran said Wednesday that Eu-
ropean nations still party to the
2015 nuclear deal are “obliged”
to allow it to sell and ship oil,
amid a standoff with Britain
over the seizure of tankers.
The deal over Iran’s nucle-
ar programme has begun to
unravel since US President
Donald Trump announced the
US was withdrawing from the
agreement last year and reim-
posing sanctions.
Iran has been pushing the
European parties to the deal –
Britain, France and Germany

  • to adhere to their commit-
    ments under the agreement
    despite US pressure.
    British authorities seized a
    tanker carrying Iranian oil off
    its territory Gibraltar on July 4,
    a move Spain’s foreign minis-
    ter said was carried out at the
    request of the US.
    “They [the European parties]
    have set out their commitments
    and announced them, they [in-
    clude] the sale of Iran’s oil, the
    transportation of Iran’s oil, and
    the return of Iran’s oil income,”
    said Iranian Foreign Minister
    Mohammad Javad Zarif.
    “It is clear that today’s ten-
    sions and problems are due to
    America’s economic terrorism
    and Europe’s inability to fulfil
    its commitments which means
    going along with America’s
    economic terrorism,” he said.
    Zarif’s remarks come after a
    meeting in Vienna on Sunday
    of the remaining parties to the
    nuclear deal – the three Euro-
    pean nations plus China and
    In remarks broadcast on
    state television, the top Iranian
    diplomat described the talks as
    “We raised our stance and
    the importance of the fulfil-
    ment of the commitments of
    other parties to the JCPOA, in
    particular European countries,”
    he said, referring to the deal by
    its formal name, the Joint Com-
    prehensive Plan of Action.


Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha
on Wednesday called on member coun-
tries of the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN) to make more
efforts in strengthening ASEAN-led
mechanisms and enhancing regional
Prayut was speaking at the opening
ceremony of the 52nd ASEAN Foreign
Ministers’ Meeting and Related Meet-
ings being held here as Thailand chairs
the regional bloc this year.
Reviewing Thailand’s work as the

ASEAN chair for the past six months,
Prayut said close cooperation within the
bloc has produced a number of concrete
outcomes, namely the ASEAN Leaders’
Vision Statement on Partnership for
Sustainability adopted by ASEAN lead-
ers at the 34th Summit last month, and
other projects directly benefitting ASE-
AN people.
He noted ASEAN must strengthen
cooperation with its Dialogue Partners
and other countries outside the region
while also welcoming new cooperation

with new partners to accomplish all of
its goals.
Prayut proposed that three approach-
es should be considered to ensure con-
tinuity in carrying out the outcomes of
various related meetings.
He called on ASEAN countries to
strengthen mechanisms including the
ASEAN Plus Three, East Asia Summit,
ASEAN Regional Forum, and ASEAN
cooperation with Dialogue Partners to
ensure sustainability in all dimensions
for the benefit of the ASEAN peoples.

“For example, Thailand, as ASEAN
Chair, has invited countries from outside
the region to attend the ASEAN Smart
Cities Network Conference and Exhibi-
tion scheduled for August in Bangkok
so as to enhance ASEAN centrality,” said
the prime minister.


North Korea fired two short-
range ballistic missiles off its
east coast on Wednesday, South
Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff
said, less than a week after it
launched similar missiles near
the same area.
The moves are a stern warn-
ing to the joint military drills
of the US and South Korea, ac-
cording to an analyst.
“North Korea is warning
the US and South Korea not to
conduct joint military drills,”
Lü Chao, a research fellow on
North Korea at the Liaoning
Academy of Social Sciences,
told the Global Times.
“North Korea tried to per-
suade them [to stop military
drills] with words, but it didn’t
seem to work,” Lü noted.
The US and South Korea
are scheduled to conduct Ex-
ercise Dong Maeng, or “Alli-
ance,” in August, the US Indo-

Pacific Command said earlier
this month.
The launches came after a
meeting between North Korean
leader Kim Jong-un and US
President Donald Trump in the
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in
China hopes all parties
could make positive efforts to
promote denuclearization as
well as long-term peace and sta-
bility, Chinese Foreign Ministry
spokeswoman Hua Chunying
said Wednesday.
“We hope that all parties
concerned will cherish the
hard-won eased situation [on
the Korean Peninsula] and
jointly promote the denucle-
arization of the peninsula and
the sustainable peace in the re-
gion,” Hua said.
Pyongyang and Washing-
ton are engaged in a diplo-
matic process over the North’s

nuclear and missile programs,
which has seen three high-pro-
file meetings between the top
leaders of the two countries in
a year.
They agreed to resume talks
during their impromptu June
encounter in the DMZ, but
working-level dialogue has yet
to begin.
“If the US continues its
maximum pressure on North
Korea, Pyongyang is unlikely
to begin the dialogue,” Lü said.
“North Korea will respond if
the US eases its unilateral sanc-
Trump said last week Pyong-
yang’s missile firing was a
warning to Seoul rather than
Washington, as the short-range
ballistic missiles are unable to
reach US territories.
“He [Kim] didn’t send a
warning to the United States,”
Trump said. “The two of them

have their disputes.”
A planned meeting between
US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo and North Korean For-
eign Minister Ri Yong-ho was
shelved after Ri canceled his
trip to the Association of South-
east Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Regional Forum in Bangkok.
Pyongyang has warned that
negotiations could be derailed
by Washington and Seoul’s re-
fusal to scrap the annual ma-
“South Korean authori-
ties should stop harmful acts
at once, be mindful that their
reckless military provocations
which rely on the US will divest
them of the valuable opportu-
nity to improve North-South
relations,” the official Korean
Central News Agency said in a
commentary in June.

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