Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

And I told her... oh well... I'm Luna

And from that day on, our friendship began to grow stronger
until she was treated for the book, and I was not treated at all,
but I became less autistic, and this was because of her...and
because of her stories....etc

  • On the last school day, which follows the holiday, and then
    the new school year, Maria and I agreed that we would go to
    the mall

(It is the first time that I go to the mall in more than 9 years,
because I do not like social places and I do not like shopping ...
When I said to my brother (because he is the one who decides
when to leave and when to enter), he was very happy for me
because usually I do not even leave my room...) Indeed, we
went to the mall and bought clothes similar to each other in
order to become like twins

Then we went to a restaurant in the mall and ate, then we
bought some kind of shoes.....etc, then we went to a new library
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