Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

with a look that if you do not do my orders you will be
punished... (As usual I mean)

I looked at him and went to the kitchen and brought him a
sandwich stuffed with cooked food from yesterday with a few
of my special touches and salad leaves.... Etc. He looked at my

And he it hot

I told him, while extending my hand that holds the sandwich, if
you don't want it, I can eat it. I told him coldly and

He replied, "Okay, give it to me

Then Sierra and Lily came with a little juice and chocolate in
their hands, and he took them from them... and we sat down

And he said... Well, why did you take Luna's phone, Sierra?

She said I just wanted to make sure she wasn't talking to Lika

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