Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

I said, what is your business if I spoke to her... In any case, you
are the one who quarreled with her, not me.... You also know
that I do not talk to her because I cannot stand her in the first

I looked then

She said oh right I forgot that

I told her, oh, I believe you

My brother said, "Well, shut up now, and each one of you goes
to her room and does not go out except with my permission...
Is this understood?"

I took my phone and went to the kitchen. I brought a note that
was not small. It took me two hours or more and I went up to
my room...then I called Maria and we continued our
conversation about books. And when I hung up, I went to do
my homework, which was short, but not too long. When I
finished with them, I went and changed my clothes. And I
called my brother on the phone (because it is forbidden to leave
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