Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

Hi, I'm Luna from Seoul, South Korea

I am 16 years old...I am the second daughter of my family. And
it consists of 6 members. My father, my mother, my sister Lily,
my brother Chimmy, me, and my younger sister Sierra. I had a
completely normal life, until the day of entering school for the
year came 1 secondary and story began

On Thursday, I got up at 7, then went and did my daily
routine.... When it was 9, I put on my gym clothes, then went
for a walk and exercise at the same time in the streets of Seoul...
And when it was 11:30, I came home (I used to live in a rather
large and beautiful house, as my family was from a high
financial class, and my father was in a high position), I took a
shower, and went to breakfast... Then I went with my mother
to buy school uniforms

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