Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

Hey, girl, this is my table

I didn't answer her

The girl got angry and pushed me. I got up from the floor and
went to the bathroom crying, because it is my habit that I get
bullied. But always before I switch from school, the bully serf is
a lesson... The important thing is that I combed my hair and
went back to the class. I saw her in my place, so I went to the
second row and sat at table 6. Then I finished all the courses,
but I didn't say a word. When the bell rang for us to go out, the
girl came. She went to me and took my notebook, so I went out
and caught her while I was running and said to her

Sorry ... Can I have my notebook

... She replied rudely

? I want to take him is that from your business

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