Cruelty and Vengeance

(Isra-이스라) #1

Then I took a hot shower to .only chips and juice ,anything
relax and fell asleep

I got up at 4 o'clock in the morning and went to ,The next day
I took a shower and did ,When I finished .watch the new series
Then I put on my school uniform and walked to .my routine
school this time...because my father was busy... so my brother
he is 5 years ,took me to high school and then went to college
I met my friend ,older than me...when I entered the classroom
and I ,but our friendship ended because of her ,from childhood
she was my only friend...So I gave her a ,still don't know why
sharp look and passed from her side and went to the section
where A bully and his friends make fun of a boy. So I went and
so I went and took her ,then I saw her dirty my seat ,saved him
which was one of the sweetest chairs in the ,chair
so ,department...and I sat down and gave her the dirty chair
She wanted to touch me by .she lost her nerve and came to me
,but she did not know that I have a black belt in karate ,my hair
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