(Kiana) #1
6 Time April 6–13, 2020


‘I’m grateful

every day for

being a part of a

movement that

brings us closer

to freedom.’

—PATRISSE CULLORS, activist and
2013 pick, on Instagram

‘Thanking TIME
magazine for
featuring Afghan
Queen Soraya
among the top
one hundred
women who
defined the last
former President
of Afghanistan,
about the 1927
pick, on Twitter

‘Well this caught
me by surprise.’
comedian and 1997
pick, on Twitter

‘I’m honored to
be included
alongside 99
CLINTON, former
U.S. Secretary of
State and 2016 pick,
on Twitter

‘Move over fellas ... this
girl is one of @time’s
100 WOMEN of the
Year! It just keeps getting
better and better ...!’

—RITA MORENO, actor and 1961 pick,
on Twitter

‘I cried. About the women I did
not know about. The women I
forgot about. Accomplishments
my children did not learn of.
History we have missed.’

—BETH HALAAS, Cheney, Wash.

‘What a wonderful education I
received from reading your 100
Women of the Year issue. I must
have been absent the day we
covered that in school.’
—PHILIP DUNNE, Palmer, Alaska

‘At age 93 , I am often
disappointed that women
are not progressing fast
enough for me ... I’m thrilled
that we have come this far,
but I still have great hope
that I will see equality, and
women’s rightful place all
over this planet.’

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

‘I think this

should be an

annual thing

since there are

so many other

women that

deserve to be

on the list. I can

imagine it was

very difficult to

narrow it down

to just 100.’

—LORI REISER, St. Augustine, Fla.

‘A fantastic issue—however
I can’t believe that Mother
Teresa was not included!’

Raleigh, N.C.



The 100 Women of
the Year issue (March
16–23) marked
the cen tennial of
women’s suffrage
in the U.S. by
recognizing the
women who shaped
each year since 1920.
Readers enjoyed
learning about these
women—each of
whom was featured
on a cover design—
and some on the list
offered feedback of
their own.

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