Expert Guide to Managing Online Meetings

(Joanna Rotary) #1

The importance of starting well – the leader’s introduction

Create an objective that includes everyone, to answer WIIFM
“ What’s in it for me?” Participants will be engaged and motivated if
they know why they should put effort in and what the benefit will be. If
the benefit is less immediate to individual participants (e.g. it’s an
organisational initiative that will benefit other stakeholders), include a
statement of values or identity to show the longer-term benefits. The
gist will be something like: “We are doing this because this is what we
stand for, and it will improve our reputation and credibility”

If you are training, here is where you state your training objectives
in terms of learning objectives. (Take the learner’s perspective)
These are what the learner will be able to know, understand and do. If
this book was a course, they might be: The reader will:

  • Be able to start an online meeting, understanding what needs to
    be communicated and why.

  • Be able to choose or design a suitable meeting starter, to set up
    positive motivations and dynamics in the group.

  • Know how to manage differences of opinion and reach decisions

It is important that group leaders/facilitators / trainers establish
their authority to lead
At the start of a session, you need to let people know the source of your
authority. For example:

  • Invited by a senior stakeholder

  • Recommended

  • Subject matter expert

  • Status in the field

  • Relevant experience

Nobody knows exactly
what kind of group will
develop from any
combination of

Shaping desirable
group processes and
norms from the
beginning allows more
focus on the task and
fewer interpersonal

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