Expert Guide to Managing Online Meetings

(Joanna Rotary) #1
A popular one is the Bruce Tuckman^6 model of

  • Forming - blending individuals into a single unit

  • Storming – settling roles, status, and power in the group

  • Norming – acceptance of group norms

  • Performing – focus on the task

  • and Adjourning – letting go of the group
    The last stage is often changed to Mourning, in groups that don’t meet
    regularly. The group leader, facilitator, or moderator has different tasks
    to manage people at different stages of the group.

What are Group Dynamics and how to use them?

Literally, these are the interactions, forces and tensions that move a
group – influencing attitudes, behaviour, and the results of any group
deliberations. Even if you haven’t studied social psychology, you will
have a lot of intuitive knowledge, since we spend our lives in groups.
Appearance, body language and tone of voice can tell you quite a lot,
even without hearing the content.

(^6) The Tuckman Model

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