The New York Times - USA (2020-10-16)

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The food insecurity crisis is accelerating. Now, in the

midst of a global pandemic, our nation and the world

are desperately in need of systemic change.

But people need more than access to food: They
need access to nutritious food. Without it, we are

all left exposed to the threats of malnutrition — from

nutritional deficiency to obesity — that jeopardize

our ability to learn, to prosper, to live healthy lives,

and to thrive.

These are not isolated issues that impact only the most

vulnerable among us. These are collective,

societal problems with deep roots in economic and
social inequality. Every one of us will feel the ripple

effects of this crisis, from increasing health care costs

to declining economic mobility. With nearly one in

three people already suffering from at least one form

of malnutrition, we can no longer afford to continue

business as usual. To make real progress, each one of

us must do our part: in every region, every city, every

community — and leave no one behind.

The Healthy Living Coalition will drive progress under

the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

with a focus on Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

We are private- and nonprofit-sector leaders joining

forces alongside experts and new voices from

business, science, and local communities to tackle

nutrition gaps, improve food systems, and combat
food insecurity. Together, we will amplify our individual
action into collective impact.

Our focus is twofold:

Make good food available to all — by investing in
solutions that improve access to affordable nutrition,
partnering with organizations on the front lines, and
creating new infrastructure to support underserved

communities. Make good food a priority for all — by
providing nutrition education and resources for
healthy living to people in need, and by partnering
with companies to create systemic change, inviting
everyone to be part of the solution.

This is a big issue, and we know we can’t solve it
alone. But we know that together, we can share ideas,
accelerate solutions, and scale our commitments to

positively impact people in need around the world.

We are the Healthy Living Coalition. Not only food,
but nourishment. Not only action, but collective

Join us.

Tonight,690 million690 millionpeople around the world

could go to sleep without a meal.

Tomorrow, it might be more.

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