The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1



When CID was searching for evidence they found
something that will lead to Shadow and she didn't know about
it. The trouble for Shadow was coming towards her and she
didn't even know that. The day when Shadow has to leave for
Kashmir has arrived and she is 'not' fully ready for the trip yet
she pulled herself together and left the house but she was feeling
like she has left something important behind so she thought she
will come back to that house no matter what. When she get
Kashmir she has already booked a hotel room for herself so she
went there and signed in after that she got some rest and then
she went to see the mountains of Kashmir while she was
overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains she heard the
screams of the animals who lived on the mountains she
immediately starts running towards where the screams came
from when she got there she saw snow-covered with blood and
she also saw a man sitting on the ground and doing something
to the animals when she gets a little closer she immediately start
running to the people she was only thinking that "how could

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