The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

mouth.” Shadow “I think I had enough because of the promise I
didn’t kill anyone till now but I guess it's fine to end this
monster.” Yuki “I know how you feel but please don’t kill him.”
Shadow “why shouldn’t I kill him you can easily say that he
died in gunshots, that is simple right! Give me one reason why
shouldn’t I kill him, only one reason is enough!” Yuki “he has a
family!” Shadow “what do you even think about me, huh?! I
never touched any of my target families I told them the truth.
Now let me kill him!” Yuki “you did what?! Are you out of
your mind?” Shadow “why do they have to live in dark? Why
can’t I help them and take them out of the darkness? As you
already know darkness is meant to stay behind and light should
lead the way, the late you come out of the darkness it will hurt
you double. So for the sake of these innocent people let me kill
him! Let me be the darkness to support the light, please!” Yuki
“why that person must be you not someone else, why?” Shadow
“cause I have always lived in darkness! Darkness is my world,
not yours or not someone else’s, that’s why!” Yuki “you win,
Shadow!” Shadow “let's get going and finish this mission!”
Yuki “right!”

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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