The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

get killed!” Shadow “people like me? Very funny! What do you
even know about me? You can’t go through the things that I
have been through! Even if you try, you will think you were
better dead instead of being alive!” Stranger “Shadow! People
like you are respected but I also have things to protect if I don’t
do this, my little sister will end up dead! I don’t that!” Shadow
“I see that means the organization is keeping your little sister
hostage. I can help you in that I will help you save your little
sister not only me my friends will help too so please don’t worry
about your sister anymore and do what you want to do.”
Stranger “you sure about this?” Shadow “yes!” Stranger “than
let’s go and save your friends! Oh and there is someone I’d like
to introduce you to!” Shadow “let’s go then!” Stranger “you
can call me Zero, I know my code name is kind of difficult.”
Shadow “ok!” They went towards that house where Silver,
Alistair, Blade, Yuki, and Paris were trapped they got there
pretty fast but there were guards outside the door so Zero “we
should knock them out and 1 or 2 bullets in their legs won’t kill
them but they will prevent them from reaching us.” Shadow
“good idea!” They did the exact thing afterward they reached
the room where Shadow’s friends have lacked when they opened
the door they saw 4 of them covered and Paris was separated
from his body but likely no one was dead Shadow “when I find
this guy who did this to you 5 I will make sure he is dead!” Zero
“that is scary!” Silver “Shadow! Why this guy is here for?”
Shadow “I am planning on helping him in rescuing his little

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