The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1



The gun didn’t hit Shadow cause the demon inside the
necklace came out and protected her from it Shadow “thank you!
What’s your name?” Demon “I don’t have a name!” Shadow
“what?! But why?” Demon “cause I am a demon! Demons
don’t have names even the demon lord doesn’t have one!”
Shadow “I will name you after all this over!” Demon “but it's
against the rules!” Shadow “who gives a shit about those rules!
You are an inhuman realm, we don’t follow those rules!”
Demon “it's fine I guess!” Shadow “good now let’s kick this
guy’s ass!” Demon “yeah!” they started to work as a team like
they have worked together before too Zero “wow they sure are
kicking Sol’s ass!” Yuki “humph! It seems she got a lot of
friends!” Zero “are you upset cause it's not you in his place?”
Yuki “it's not that! We are standing here and she doesn’t ask for
help to us and she is letting a stranger help her.” Zero “you are
right!” Shadow thought “it would be good to tell the boys to get
rid of Sol while both of us keep him busy.” She thought of using

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