The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

her brain power Shadow “can you guys hear me?” Zero
“Shadow, is that you?” Shadow “yes! I have a plan.” Alistair
“what that plan is?” Shadow “I and the guy beside me will keep
Sol busy and you guys will get rid of him and the guy beside me
is neither a friend nor a stranger.” Yuki “what do you mean?”
Shadow “I will explain later! Just tell me if we can use this
plan.” Alistair “it can be used!” Shadow “good then let’s get
this over with!” they jumped on Sol and tried to make him
stable but that didn’t work he activated his gun again and this
time that demon wouldn’t be able to stop it Shadow “listen you
need to get aside I will take care of this shot of his!” She didn’t
realize something that time he had two guns but he didn’t use
one in the start he aimed at Shadow and shot it Shadow was able
to stop the first but she didn’t saw the second one that demon
stopped the second one but he got injured badly Shadow
wouldn’t be able to heal him on time but she still tried Sol
reached her but her other friends came in the way to stop him.
They started fighting but they didn’t have any chance against
him they lost the battle sol was about to kill them but Shadow
protected them. That night was a full moon night. The light of
the moon fell on Shadow, Sol saw a monster under midnight he
heard some howls of a pack of wolves Sol “w-what are you?”
Shadow “me! Well, you will know that in hell!” Sol started
running towards Shadow Sol “if I have to die then I am taking

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