The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

you with me!” Shadow “give it a try!” Sol grabbed Shadow’s
hand and jumped from the cliff everyone was collapsed, when
they woke up they didn’t saw both Shadow and Sol Yuki “where
did they go?” Paris “it's like they weren’t even here to begin
with!” Demon “today is the full moon night, right?” Alistair
“yeah! But that doesn’t matter right now!” Demon “it does!
Today Shadow’s appearance will change and her powers will
increase and she will reach the final level.” Silver “what do you
mean by ‘final level’? Demon “we can’t talk here, let’s go
somewhere else!” Is Shadow going to survive or she will die?
What is Shadow? Is she human or a monster or a victim? What
does Sol desire by killing innocent people? What did that demon
mean by reaching the final level? Is Shadow a threat to
humankind? Does that demon know something important about
Shadow and her powers? What could that information be? If it's
found out by normal people, will that affect them in a bad way
or a good way? Find them in next season.

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