The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


Once upon a time, there was a girl whose name was
Aarna. Who was living a normal life? One day her dad comes
home earlier than usual and after coming home he said: " my
dear I have good news for you!" Her mom said "what is it?
Honey!" Her dad said, " I met the PM today at the office." Her
mom said " what? Really!" Her dad said "yes! He came to me
and said that he needs a little help with his account." Her mom
said "wow! Did you agree to help him out?" Her dad said yes
with an exacting voice than she thought "if they are up to
something dangerous so my dad's life is in danger. If that is
going to be the case and if anything happens to my dearest
family. They are gonna pay for it with their lives. I swore to God
that if they harm my family even if a little bit they are gonna
pay for it." With that, she was worried about her family the
most. When that came her dad went office a little earlier than
usual time. After that he didn't come back at night she, her big
brother, and her mom waited until the sunrise. Her mom started
crying and she was so worried about her dad. When she said she
will go look for him, her brother stopped her and told her to stay
at home no matter what and don't open the door for a stranger
and her mom also went to look for her but they never came back
home either from then on she decided to quit for her wildlife
photography job and become an assassin and murder those
people who always get their money from the public and did

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