The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


Officer "your fingerprints don't match the ones we have.
Now you may go back on the train!" Shadow "okay officer!"
Officer "can you tell me something?" Shadow "yes?" Officer
"where are you coming from?" Shadow "I went to Kashmir for
vacation!" Officer "I assume your parents are on the train?"
Shadow "no! They are not here! They died in an accident a few
years ago!" Officer "I am sorry to hear that! Are you okay with
spending your time in Kashmir all by yourself?" Shadow "not
quite! I helped a person and he thought that he should repay my
kindness for helping him so he decided to accompany me until
this vocation is over so I was not alone at all." Officer "that's
good to know!" Shadow "hey officer! Why are you being
friendly to me, huh?!" Officer "I didn't realize that I was being
friendly but I thought ladies like those men who always go a
gentle way, am I wrong?" Shadow "I hate gentlemen! So I will
be going, officer. Goodbye!" Officer "goodbye Aarna!" After
that, she got on the train and left she was relieved so when she
got to Delhi she thought that she should contact some of her
classmates to know some info about the kidnapping. A few of her
friends was a police officer his name was Bhaviya. When she got

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