The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

said “does that mean you are not going to help me?” Shadow
“when did I said that officer?” Officer “means you are going to
help me?!” Shadow “that is correct!” Officer “but why?”
Shadow “I have my reasons for helping you! By the way now
that we are partners mind telling me your name?!” Officer
“you are right, sorry! I
go by the name Y uki!” Shadow “that is
not your real name, is it?” Yuki “you are right!” Shadow “you

just picked that up from an anime named ‘fruits basket’ and the
character is ‘Yuki soma aka the school prince, right!” Yuki “you
caught me off guard on that! But I can’t de
ny the fact that you
are right! But how did you know that much about that character
and anime?” Shadow “for beginners I love anime especially that
one and in many cases that anime is one of my favorite anime!
And in any case, I am your sempai in these kinds of stuff.” Yuki
“I guess you are right about that! But now we don’t have much
time left, it’s almost midnight we should be parting now. See
you tomorrow, Shadow!” Shadow “see you tomorrow too,
Yuki!” They parted Their ways after that when Shadow got

home she saw that someone break into her house a few minutes
ago the n she saw a letter it said “there is no need for you to help
the officer. He can handle this case himself and I don’t exactly

know who you are and what kind of person you are but I
suggest you stay away from him as far as you can. I am saying
this for your good only so please think again about it!” Shadow
“well, well, well things are getting interesting a lot
interesting!” after saying that she laughed on the other hand at

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