The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

this path and now there’s no turning back. I don’t think I m ade
any friends I only helped strangers now I don’t even have a
shoulder to cry on. Singing might help so let’s see which song
oh I know Queen song so here goes nothing.” She uses her voice

and start singing while singing she started crying Shadow said
“why sob does it sob have to be sob like this?” th en someone
knocked the door she went to open when she did she saw Yuki
and Paris outside than she burst into tears Shadow “why does it
have to be you guys on the door?” Paris “cause we are friends,
Shadow!” Yuki “darkness and the light can be friends!” Shadow
--- “Yuki “ no buts! ” Paris “let’s take revenge for your best
friends assassination, shall we?” Yuki “yes of course!” Shadow
“thank you guys thanks a lot!” Yuki, Paris
, and Shadow said
together “from now on WE ARE PARTNERS!”

Will be continued in the next chapter.
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