The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


After that, the government gave both Paris and Yuki a
break so both of them can recover from the stress especially Paris
he was looking so tired but because being a puppet affected his
nap timings afterward Shadow also took a break she needed one
after the death of her parents and her best friends so she went
back to Delhi and started thinking of visiting Blade and Silver,
after all, it was almost a year since she left so she contacted
Paris and Yuki and said “hey guys! I was thinking of visiting
my two friends and they live in Kashmir want to come with me
and try to get to know them?” Yuki “of course I am coming
with you!” Paris “same here!” Shadow “ok t
hen pack your bags
boys we will leave for Kashmir on 14 Jan, is it okay?” Yuki “it 's
fine by me!” Paris “same!” Shadow “ok th e n it’s settled so be
ready you two!” Paris and Yuki “yes mam!” Shadow “that was

a good one !” they laughed. That day came three of them met at
the airport and got on the plane afterward they landed in
Kashmir Paris asked “do your friends are going to come to pick
us up?” Shadow “no! they don’t like crow ded places so we need
to go there ourselves!” Yuki “oh ok th en, what are we waiting
for let’s go!” Shadow “I will lead the way, follow me!” Paris

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