The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1


They started drinking Simon “hey Lady Corvine!”
Corvine “yes?” Simon “do you have a crush on Lord Alistair?”
Corvine “what the hell are you talking about?!” Simon “if not

the n why do you always call him ‘love’ instead of using his
name?” Shadow “yes I want to know too!” Corvine “it’s not
like that! I just can’t...!” Shadow “here a quiz for you
Corvine!” Corvine “hey wait
--- !” Shadow “Q1: What type of
dreams do you usually have?” Corvine “I=I dream about

h- him!” Shadow “ok th en Q2: What do you think about this
‘him’ you are mentioned?” Corvine “he is tall, he ha s black hair,
he is kind, he has scars all over his face, he cares about his kind
and he treats everyone equally no matter who that person is!”
Shadow “now Q3: what that guy’s name?” Corvine “
his name
is Lord Alistair!” Shadow “got the guess right yay! Now your
turn Simon!” Simon “please no!” Shadow “yes! Q1: have you
ever met someone that you care about?” Simon “no!” Shadow
“ok Q2: what type of girls do you prefer?” Simon “none!”
Shadow “are you gay?” Simon “of course not!” Corvine “now’s
your turn, Shadow!” Shadow “ok go ahead and ask!” Corvine
“in this question you will have options and for not attending N
is the option got it?” Shadow “yes!” Corvine “Q1: what do you

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