The Reaper-1

(Shrichi bhadhani) #1

Chapter 2 FIRST KILL

She has taken martial arts so she just has to learn, how
to use any kind of weapons. After she learned to use any
weapons, she started taking her revenge on all the corrupted
people. She found a shred of great evidence about a businessman
named Akshar. She got all evidence that she needed to kill him
so she went to his home as she expected his guards were sleeping
on their job so she got in fast she saw him playing with his son
so she thought "it would be so cruel to kill him in front of his
child and his wife but I have to kill him" so she went to Akshar
and said to his son " hi little kid! I am here to tell you something
so horrible about your dad. Do you wanna know about it!" That
little child said "hello miss! I have a little doubt. Can you clear
that for me and please don't call me kid, my name is Aarav!"
She said in a gentle voice "hello Aarav! It's a pleasure to meet
you! So what doubt do you have in your mind?" Aarav "miss!
Why my dad is so scared of you?" She whispered to Aarav's ear
said: " he is scared because I am here to kill him but don't worry
I will give you or your mother a punishment to make for him."

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