The Wait

(Graceabounds) #1

The first thing the prophet did was to shift
their focus from their present predicament
and focus their attention on who God is.
Though we are not in slavery like the
children of Israel, but there will be a time we
will find ourselves in difficult situation, and
what will keep us going is what we have
known of Christ. If not, you will be caught in
the web of weariness and faintness when
you don't have a correct revelation of who
Christ is.

There is a story line we need to know before
getting to this verse, where Prophet Isaiah
was responding to the current situation of
the Children of Israel. They have been in
captivity of the Babylonian kingdom. And
they must have been thinking that God has
abandoned them or probably they feel they
are in a situation that seems God is
incapacitated to help them.

The Prophet began to remind them who
God is, and I will love to talk on them
because they are very significant reminder
of the personality of the triune God which
we will need to put in our consciousness if
we'll live victoriously here below.

ave you not known? Have you not


heard? The everlasting God, the
Lord , The Creator of the ends of the
earth, Neither faints nor is weary. His
understanding is unsearchable. Isaiah

Why you need to wait
"The Everlasting God”

Jesus is the Lord

If God has declared you successful,
victorious, prosperous, righteous, healed,
etc., you better fight to stay in it irrespective
of the circumstances surrounding you. This
is because we know that He is everlasting
and whatever He has declared us to be,
takes the form of His nature. That is, it won't
change, therefore, you also ought not to
change position from it, but rather stick to it.
(Ephesians 6:13)

Prophet Isaiah reminded the Children of
Israel that Jesus is the Lord. This is important
because I believe the Children of Israel must
have shifted their attention to the
Babylonian kingdom, and they probably

He never grows weary
Another thing the prophet reminded the
children of Israel of who God is not is, "He
never grows weary." We must understand
this and it must sink into us that God does
not get weary, in other words, nothing wears
Him out. Our problem is no problem to Him.
God who has anticipated every problem we

This is very important for us to note, because
the devil always paint himself to be who he
is not. And many times he uses systems and
structures to manipulate our belief system.
But you must know that God is the only one
that has the capacity to create things, and
He has given men this ability because we
were made in His likeness. God as the
Creator tells you that He is the only one that
has the ability to fix things and make things
beautiful in your lives.

After that the prophet has reminded us who
God is, He then began to remind them who
God is not.

had believed that, they are now in control of
their present and their future. My dear
brethren, it is very important to know that
Jesus is the Lord over every circumstance.
There is no circumstance that He has not
risen victoriously over. It is high time you
start knowing that your boss is not your lord
and he is neither in control of your present
nor your future. Many have been distracted
by the government and the politics of their
land, they believe they are the one that will
determine how their life will go. Brethren!
It's high time you know that your destiny is
not in the hands of a man, but in the hands
of the resurrected Christ, whose faithfulness
knows no bound. And it's very important
you acknowledge him as your Lord and stay
with Him. (Acts 2:36)

The Creator

God does not faint
God does not faint means that he doesn't
get tired or diminish. Think of what He is to
you, I'm telling you He's not tired of being
that. For example, He is not tired of loving
you, or showing you mercy and Grace. His
faithfulness is so consistent and constant
towards us and it doesn't get diminish
irrespective of our responses to Him
(Lamentation 3:21-26). You can count on
Him and rest on Him forever.

Another thing prophet Isaiah reminded the
children of Israel is that God's
understanding is immeasurable. God
understands purpose, time and season. He
understands what we need at every
junction of our life. And He wants to relate
with us based on His understanding, and
because He understands the end from the
beginning, the more reason we need to
trust Him. He knows how to bring us
through, He knows what's on the way and
those stumbling blocks (Proverb 13 : 4 ).
Brethren! He cares for us more than we care
for ourselves, and He won't want you to dash
your feet against stones. Why don't you rely
on His understanding?

might encounter here below, and He has
made a provision already because of His
Son's payment on the cross. (Ephesians 1:3)

God's understanding is immeasurable

The next verse begin to tell us the essence of
waiting on the Lord.

(John 1:6)

What God does in a Christian believer is that
He transmit all that He is into us. He first
start with our spirit man where we are
complete and we're deficienct of nothing
that God is. So out of the fullness of God's
grace, the Holy Spirit start to empower our
minds with it; in our disposition, actions and
reactions. He starts filling us with the ability
of Christ. The Bible says "He increases
strength of those that doesn't have might."
This tells you that as long as your
dependency is on God, you can only grow
from strength to strength and from grace to
grace, to the extent that when/where
people are falling and fainting, you are still
moving, because nothing can stop the
power of God working inside of you.

He gives power to the weak, And to those
who have no might He increases strength.
Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
And the young men shall utterly fall, But
those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their
strength; They shall mount up with wings
like eagles, They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:29- 31

What happens to men that wait on the Lord
They begin to manifest in God's ability

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