The Wait

(Graceabounds) #1

  1. Surrender yourself completely into the
    hands of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:1).

2. Worship God for the work in progress
(Philippians 2:13)

We need to learn how to relax our minds in
the hands of the Holy Spirit, instead of trying
to find alternative for ourselves. To relax our
minds in the hands of the Holy Spirit means
our mind is set on Christ and His goodness.
Then we can get inspiration, receive
wisdom, ideas and vision concerning what
you are trusting God for because our mind is
relaxed and free of worries or anxieties.

People do say that "worship God for what He
has done so that He can do the one you are
asking for." Actually that's gimmick,
because God doesn't respond to you based
on what you do. The point I am making is
that the Holy Spirit has never been silent on
our request that we've asked based on
Christ's expense. When we make a demand,
He gets to work. He'll never wait a second
later. It might actually be that there is a work
to be done inside of you and that's why you
are not yet seeing it manifested. So always
see the Holy Spirit working, the moment
you make a demand on what has been
purchased for you on the cross. Therefore
worship and appreciate Him for His
relentless work in your life. We don't need to
be motivated to worship God, but when we
see Him always at work in our lives, aiming
to make manifest that which we have
become in our Spirit man, we will always fall
at His feet in adoration and praise of His
wonderful goodness.

You can only be eager for what is coming or
what you are sure will happen. Many
believers don't see the Holy Spirit at work in
their lives, instead what they can only see is
what the government is doing, what their
friends or lecturers are doing. You need to
start seeing yourself in God's hand,
otherwise, you won't see any miracle
coming your way. Therefore, there won't be
eagerness and you won't wait with

  1. Be eager and expectant (Romans 8:25).

you up and conform you to the image of
Christ. Therefore, you don't need to get
agitated while you are waiting, because if
you are truly waiting, then you are not
wasting. You can be rest assured that the
same work that the Holy Spirit began at
salvation by infusing the life of Christ into
you is also being transmitted into our minds,
wills and emotions by that same Spirit.


TThe Whe Waitait

Delight yourself also in the Lord , And He
shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalms 37 :

the waiting room that you receive adequate
information for your life from the Holy Spirit
through the word of God. The problem of
many believers is that they are agitating for
what has not been designed for them. There
is a portion God has designed for every
Christian Believer to occupy for
effectiveness and productivity. And for every
portion, there is a provision allocated for it
(Romans 12 : 7 - 8 ). Therefore, the reason
believers miss out in God's provision for their
lives is because they are not in God's
purpose and will. God will not finance or
promote what He has not proposed for you,
because He loves you. He knows that it is
only His will and purpose for your life that
can suit you well (James 1:7). Any other, will
cause problem and heartache for you.

To delight yourself in the Lord means that
you are in a position whereby it's only God's
presence that matters to you; it is only His
face you want to behold and it is only Christ
you want to experience. It is a point where
you are in awe of the personality, the
awesomeness and loveliness of Christ. It is a
point where your mind is fully illuminated
with the shekinah light that comes from the
mercy seat. These are what happen in the
waiting room. Then the Holy Spirit gives
your heart what to desire. That is, God's
desire, passion, will and mentality becomes
yours. A life that is really waiting on God is
one that is dependent on the Holy Spirit for
His goals and vision for his life.

Another thing that happens in the place of
waiting is that you are being prepared. This
is very important while you are expectant of

Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as
you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to
be revealed. 1 Corinthians 1:7 (NIV) God is
not just interested in giving us result, God is
first interested in you as a person. Therefore,
He first prepare you as a vessel so that you
can be able to handle what He is bringing
across your way. For example, if a 5 years old
child demand to have a car to drive, a loving
father will deny him of that request. The love
he has for his child will make him not to
grant him his request but instead, groom
him up till he gets mature and trained to be
able to handle a car. God really wants to train
us to handle people, prosperity, success,
property, etc. The Holy Spirit wants to build

composure. But when you see it coming,
you have full confident assurance that it's
going to surface.

We've already been made righteous in our
Spirit man. So we hope that the life we've
received becomes expressive in our daily
living, more and more until the fullness of
time where we will be totally engulfed in our
body, soul and spirit with the righteousness
of Christ. Therefore, we are eagerly waiting
because we know that if the Holy Spirit has
already made it real in our spirit man, He will
definitely make it real in our physical
experiences as we put faith in Jesus. This is
also true for every blessedness we have
received in Christ Jesus. For example, If our
Spirit man has already experience healing,
you can expect it to happen in your body too.

In conclusion, Waiting on God is not what
we do momentarily when we need
something from God, but rather should be
the life of a Christian believer. The reason
many believers accept mediocrity is
because they are not living a life that is
totally dependent on Christ. They easily
accept the low life and get comfortable with
what the devil brings across their way
because they have not been waiting on God
for their existence.

I'm glad to announce to you that the Father
loves you so much and He cares about you.
Therefore, stay relaxed in His presence and
enjoy His embrace. Don't get in a hurry, just
stay put. God bless you!

For we through the Spirit eagerly wait for
the hope of righteousness by faith.
Galatians 5:5 (NKJV)

God is not just

interested in giving

us results, God is

rst interested in

you as a person.

Therefore, He rst

prepares you as a

vessel so that you

can be able to

handle what He is

bringing across

your way.

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