The Wait

(Graceabounds) #1

How to engage our thought

The importance of our thoughts in our
everyday life affairs cannot be over
emphasized. As Christians, we cannot just
allow anything to occupy our thinking,
therefore we must be intentional about
what is being fed to our mind. And we must
learn how to engage our thought in the
positive direction according to the
scriptures, so that we can be productive in
different spheres of our lives.


(Proverbs 4 :23)

When we think according to how the
scriptures guides and direct, It helps in
solving day to day problems, birth new
innovations and provides creative ways,
ideas and strategies. Our thinking has a way
of changing and shaping our lives for
growth and development towards maturity.
Our thoughts affects our life style and daily
habits. (Romans 8:6)

  1. Big Picture Thinking: when we
    understand that God in Christ has provided
    everything that we'll need for life and godly
    living, we will never think shallow, that is we
    will think beyond ourselves, and start
    thinking of the wonderful and glorious
    package God has for us.

  2. Focused Thinking: the ability to think with
    clarity by removing distractions and mental
    cluster. There are many things that are
    around us that can distract us from our God
    given goals, vision and purpose for living.
    When we engage our thought with those
    things, they will limit our progress and
    hinder our growth. Therefore, let God's
    vision and purpose for your life form a
    picture in your mind, that you carry all about
    and you never leave behind.
    (Philippians 2:5-8)

  3. Creative Thinking: this is the ability to
    break out of the box and pursue break
    through ideas. Different things such as
    religion, culture, background, etc can limit
    us from being creative in our thinking. But a
    Spirit filled believer always seek to do things
    in a more excellent way, than how it's done,
    so that humanity can be impacted more
    either by your product or service.

5. Strategic Thinking: the ability to
implement plans, giving direction for today
and providing potentials for tomorrow. Why
many visions and plans have been buried is
because they don't have an appropriate
direction to go. Therefore, as we are filling
our mind with our visions and plans, we
must be open to receive God's direction and
way to implement those visions.

4. Realistic Thinking: This is the ability to
build a solid foundation on truth/reality. In
the Christian Faith, our real identity is what
we have become in Christ Jesus. That's our
reality, and this should be the building block
of our mind. You can't have a concrete
thought on prosperity, health, success,
breakthrough, etc when you don't know
about those truth from the scriptures.
(Colossians 3:1)

6. Possibility thinking: This is the ability to
unleash enthusiasm and hope to find
solutions for seemingly impossible
situations. We must understand that under
God, nothing is impossible. Therefore, we
must go in this perspective so that we will
not close our minds from receiving
inspiration from the Holy Spirit on the task
we might be confounded with. When you
have tagged a thing as impossible, then it
means you have closed your mind from
receiving solution or ideas on how to tackle
that situation.

8. Opposing popular thinking: There are lots
of common thinking ideas and sayings that
are popular out there in the world, but
opposes what our faith professes. We must
therefore build a resistance against them,
by occupying our minds with the
appropriate reasoning from the scripture.

  1. Spiritual thinking: we must always think
    from a Spiritual point of view. This is done by
    always seeing ourselves in Christ.

9. Shared Thinking: You can't go far alone,
but you will go far with those the Lord has
connected to you and your vision. These are
people you can share your thoughts with,
because you may never be able to conceive
the idea wholly, but you can see in part and
pieces as the Holy Spirit inspires. And when
you bring them together, it becomes solid.
But note that, you can oy reveal your
thoughts with those the Lord has
connected you with.

7. Reflective thinking: You must always
reflect on your thought; what your goals are
and what are the steps to achieve it and how
far you have taken those steps. This helps
you to understand the Job description more
and more when you don't make those
visions stale.

10. Unselfish thinking: when the Holy Spirit
gives you ideas/visions, it is to an end that
humanity can be blessed. The triune God is
humanity lover, and He expects us as His
children to be the same as He is. Therefore,
when we have a mind to solve problems and
help humanity, the Holy Spirit will definitely
inspire you with ideas to achieve it.

What we believe is as a result of our
thinking, if we think wrong we will believe
wrong. Be a better thinker today.



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