The Wait

(Graceabounds) #1

But the ones that fell on the good ground
are those who, having heard the word with a
noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit

keeps you going. Your imagination have to
be stayed on what God has given you and it
in turn engages patience inside of you. The
stronger your hope get, the more you will be
able to engage patience. Because you have
already seen what God has given to you in
your heart, then it will drive and make you
stay focus no matter how long it will take.

with patience. Luke 8:15 (NKJV).

Patience comes from the word of God, just
as faith comes through the word of God.
When Satan comes against you and when
you apply what God has shown you in His
word, then patience will be exercised and
you'll act on what God had shown you in
that crisis. God didn't take you through crisis
to develop patience in you as many people
claim, rather patience gets to its full
potential and application in that situation

Message exerpt from

You need hope, that is, a clear vision of the
direction God wants your life to go. This get
you so excited and make you see that God is
working in you already.

Andrew Womack
Founder/President of Charis Bible college

when you focus on God's word.

SARAH sat on the wooden stool waiting on two servant girls to knead the flour so she can bake the cake.
Her work was caused by some certain men who had passed by their tent and had decided to stay, rest and eat. Of course she had to
make the meal — personally, because Abraham asked her to.

As Sarah came to clear their meal, they spoke

Sarah pulled her veil over her face in an attempt to cover her fear.

Abraham — her husband, her lord, full of compassion and strong will. Maybe the men didn't want to stay, maybe Abraham had
insisted they did.

She didn't laugh in unbelief, she laughed in disbelief.

Seeing Hagar, Sarah bit her lip. So much for Abraham's strong will, she thought. Why couldn't Abraham refuse? She had suggested
he bedded Hagar her slave, he could have insisted not to.

“By this time next year, your wife will bear you a son” the men said abruptly.

“Ishmael stop running, you'll fall” the woman scolded.

ABRAHAM sat under the tree with the three men and ate the meal his wife prepared.

The men simply smiled and continued with thier meal.

Abraham swallowed the morsel in his mouth before speaking “what??”

Confusion drew on Abraham's face as he arched his brow, “I know of God's promises, but Ishmael....”
“Wait..and trust the Lord” the men adviced.

Sarah had lived long enough with her husband to know he rarely changes his mind once it's made up. Why else would he have left
their country and everyone they knew?

Just then, a young boy ran by the kitchen tent with a woman on his heel

Hagar cast Sarah a look of defiance mixed with mockery.
“Ishmael, stop right now” she said and ran after her son.

“Sarah, why do you laugh in unbelief?” they asked with a smile on their faces.

How did they know she laughed? But why shouldn't she?
She was old, and though she didn't like it, Ishmael is still Abraham's son.

“Sarah, Wait..... and trust the Lord” the men reiterated.

After the men left, Abraham and Sarah stood looking at each other.
“Sarah...” He touched her face, “I don't think they are just men, let's do what they said”

“Wait.......and trust the Lord” the men had said. Maybe that was it. Maybe to wait simply means to trust the Lord.

“What if the Lord is giving us another chance to wait?” He spoke over her head.

“I wasted my waiting period when I asked you to bed Hagar — when you agreed to bed her”.

Sarah decided she would, this time without any scheming. Just waiting — trusting the Lord.

“ And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said... For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age....And Abraham called the
name of his son, whom Sarah bare to him, ISAAC” — Genesis 21:1–

“And what do I do while I wait, dear husband?” she queried

Abraham wrapped Sarah in his arms seeing the tears forming in her eyes, ‘Lord, not this again’ he whispered in himself.

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