The Wait

(Graceabounds) #1


  1. What do you understand by waiting on the Lord?

Let me start by saying the concept of waiting generally depicts
that there is a TRUST established. So waiting means hanging on
to a truth attached to a being that has been tested and trusted.
Waiting on the Lord simply means a lifelong attachment to
dependency on the Lord because we know He is omniscient
and He has unimaginable capacity to lighten up every part in its
time and season.

What I always do most times when it looks like my answers are
not coming through is, I start to mark God's consistency from my
birth. A strong hope and confidence rises up within me that if
God has been answering and pulling me through all this while,
He can't leave me in the middle of no where. I learn to reflect on
the consistency of God and to trust Him more through the
process, because I got to understand that trusting God when it's
coming forth or not is FAITH.

  1. What is your response when you are waiting and it doesn't
    seems to be forthcoming

2. Have you ever felt like you have waited for long, and can
you share an experience with us.

There was a time I was so into finding a life partner and I was like
'hahahaaa God reveal this thing nah' because I felt it should not
be hard. But it seems as though I was waiting for too long. I just
have to get this thing as fast as possible so that I can be clear
because I have so many ladies around me. And God was silent
'so' silent. But through these times, God has taught me to trust
Him even when it seems He is silent. So I pressed on and I was
praying and trusting.

4. What was your experience after you got what you were
waiting on God for?

You know the feeling when it's like, "God you don show up
again". It validates to an higher dimension my understanding of
God's consistency.

  1. Elipphaz was from the tribe of ------------------------------------

  2. Who is Hanani to Nehemiah?

2. ______________ is the greatest of all the men in the east

6. The letter given to Asaph was for what purpose?

  1. ___ is the brother of Nehemiah

9. ____________________ did not put their necks to the work of their Lord

  1. What made Nehemiah sad before the king?

8. Which gate did the sons of Hassenaah build?

10. ___________________ is the son of Paseah

12. The dung gate was repaired by _________________ the son of ______________ the ruler of Bethhaccerem

  1. ____ is the sixth son of Zalaph

14. _____________& ______________ came against Jerusalem to fight them from joining the walls together

4. The month Chisleu is corresponding to which month in the lunar calendar?

  1. Jadon was a member of the _____

7. A man who lived 140 years had 3 daughters; Jemima, Keiza and ______________

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