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the Sunday World that he had helped
Declan Haughney, Doyle’s nephew,
take him to the post office. He insisted
that Doyle was alive at the time.
Coakley said that he had been drink-
ing at Doyle’s house the night before
and had passed out there. He said that
the next morning, Haughney had gone
to the post office to collect Doyle’s
“He [Haughney] had asked the
woman in the post office if he could

collect the payment and she said: ‘No,
you may bring him down.’
“He told her he was sick, but they
wouldn’t listen. So then Deccy asked if
I would give him a hand to bring him
down because they wouldn’t pay him.”
Coakley said they had given Doyle a
glass of water before they took him to
the post office.
“We’re hardly going to drag a dead
man down the road,” he said. “He was
still alive, and the autopsy will prove

there was water in his system and what
time he died.”
He added: “He probably died in the
post office — at the ice-cream freezer,
I’d say that’s where he dropped off.”
Coakley said he had gone to the
police station to give a statement.
Haughney said he had been beaten
up over what had been said about him
on social media regarding the incident.
Fergal Browne, a local councillor,
said Doyle’s death had been “shocking

and very upsetting for everyone”,
especially the staff at the post office.
He described Doyle, a retired painter
and decorator, as a “decent guy, very
well regarded and liked” who caused
“no offence to anybody”.
“You couldn’t make up what hap-
pened,” he said.
However, some were instantly
reminded of the film Waking Ned, set in
an Irish village and featuring a ruse
linked to a dead man’s lottery ticket.

Mystery as ‘dead man’

is carried into post

office to get pension

John Mooney, Ben Webster

A man who was either dead or dying
was carried into a post office in an
attempt to collect his pension, police
A postmortem examination on
Peadar Doyle, 66, established that
he had just died when the alarm was
raised at the store in Carlow, 80 km
south of Dublin on Friday.
Two men had come to the post
office with Doyle. One had tried to
claim his pension earlier that day, it
was reported, but the post office
worker had refused and suggested
Doyle should collect it himself.
Witnesses said that two men, one
of whom was said to be Doyle’s
nephew, had then carried him into
the post office and attempted to prop
him up. He must have just died, or was
having a heart attack, they said.
A staff member attempted to talk to
the dead man, whose home was near by.
He was fully dressed and wearing a hat
when police and paramedics arrived.
Police are examining CCTV footage
from the post office. They said there
was no evidence to suggest Doyle had
died in suspicious circumstances.
The exact cause of death is being
withheld for operational reasons.
One of the men, Gareth Coakley, told

p Paramedics who were called to the post office in Carlow found Peadar Doyle dead. An attempt was said to have been made earlier in the day to collect his pension

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