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Zero Scratch Magic Cutting Board

The "Zero Scratch Magic Cutting Board" made of the new material Synthetic Rubber has the characteristic

of being resistant to kitchen knife scratches, and has the advantages of both wood and plastic.

Zero Scratch Magic Cutting Board
Material: Synthetic rubber
Size: 325x230x3mm (246g)
Color: 1 (white gray)
MOQ: 100 pcs
Price: EXW USD8.20/pc


Why is this cutting board magic?
+ Easy to cut ingredients because the knife sinks elastically.
+ The kitchen knife is not easily damaged.
+ Can be disinfected with boiling water (max temp.: 100 degree)
+ Easy to put small ingredients in pans or food containers as it
is light and bendable.

What are the further features?
+ The surface is rough so ingredients are not slippery.
+ The corner index can be used for vegetables, meat, and fish.
+ The grooves prevent juice from spilling.
+ It can be washed with bleach.
+ Dishwasher-safe.
+ Improved from previous version of TPU material.
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