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Aluminum Cast Yukiguni Rice Pot Cooker
Body: Body: Aluminum alloy (bottom thickness 3.5 mm), Inner surface: Fluororesincoating film processing
Outer surface: Upper surface ceramic coating, lower surface fluororesincoating film processing
[Lid] Body: Aluminum alloy, Exterior: Ceramic coating
[Silicon mittens] Body: Silicon rubber (heat resistant temperature 230 degrees)

1 Go (180ml: 1-2 persons)
Size: dia170x72mm (565g)
Price: EXW USD37.00/pc
MOQ: 12 pcs

Aluminum Cast Yukiguni Rice Pot Cooker with Oven Toaster

You can cook rice with an oven toaster.
After heating, steam it without removing
it from the oven toaster for a delicious finish.

Just set in the oven toaster!

230 degree → keep steaming in
the oven toaster.

10min + 15min
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