HIMEPLA Company Profile & Product Catalog EXP12


Kitchen Cleaning -Antibacterial Sponges Scouring Pads MADE IN JAPAN

+ Antibacterial Sponges Scouring Pads prevents the growth
of germs by the action of copper ions.
+ A special sponges that is kneaded with copper powder,
which is said to have a bactericidal effect.
+ Special processing that does not easily scratch.
+ It does not damage the Teflon-processed pans.
+ It can be also used for cleaning at the restroom and
bathroom where dirt is a concern around water.

For: Pans, cutting boards, grills, stainless steel products,
Teflon processed products, IH stoves, dishes, cups,
Plastic products, etc

Sponges Scouring Pads Containing Micro Particle Copper

Sponge series containing micro particle copper


Sponge series that
professional chefs prefer

Why Copper?

Copper is a widely recognized material
with antibacterial properties.
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