HIMEPLA Company Profile & Product Catalog EXP12

Scrub brush -Power of Copper
Material: Polypropylene, Micro particle
copper, GI iron wire
Size: 100x80x35mm (33g)
Price: EXW USD2.80/pc
MOQ: 240 pcs


Scrub sponge -Power of Copper
Material: Polyurethane, Non woven fabric,
Micro particle copper
Size: 110x70x40mm (20g)
Price: EXW USD2.80/pc
MOQ: 300 pcs

Scrubsponge loop -Power of
Material: Rooster flat, Nylon yarn,
Polyurethane containing micro
particle copper
Size: 140x85x25mm (14g)
Price: EXW USD4.20/pc
MOQ: 200 pcs

Scrub Velvet –Power of Copper
Material: Polyurethane containing micro
particle copper, Polyester with special
stainless steel processing
Size: 140x85x25mm (14g)
Price: EXW USD4.90/pc
MOQ: 240 pcs

Each brushed velvet fabric has a stainless steel
coating. Even if the sponge gets wet, the brush
does not easily fall over and acts as an extra-fine
Good cleaning for luxury dinnerware and wine
glasses, or even bags and shoes.

Kitchen Cleaning -Antibacterial Sponges Scouring Pads

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