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Cooling Towel –ECO de® Cool series

Cooling Towel –Casual Style
Material: Polyethylene 55%, Cotton 45%
Color: Star (GY, NB, MI), Border (BR, GY, NB), White Bear (BL, GY, NB)
Size: 160x900mm / Price: EXW USD7.40/pc / MOQ: 100 pcs

The Eco de® Cool series is woven with a special thread (Cool Thread®). The cool contact effect makes
you feel cold just by touching the surface. You can get a cooler effect by wetting it in water or using an
ice pack together. It can also be used as a subsidiary to air conditioners and electric fans, leading to


Cotton Cool Thread Cool Thread
(normal) (with water)

Contact Cold Sensitivity Comparison

2.5 times COOLER
if you wet the
towel in water

Star-GY Star-NB Star-MI Border-BR Border-GY Border-NB

White Bear-BL White Bear-GY White Bear-NB
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