The Guardian Weekly - UK (2022-05-06)

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6 May 2022 The Guardian Weekly

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May Day marches send
message to Macron
Tens of thousands of people took
part in street demonstrations as
May Day marches sent a “message”
to Emmanuel Macron that he must
consult citizens more during his
second term, and reverse plans
to raise the retirement age or face
Environmentalists, trade
unionists and parties on the left,
as well as yellow-vest protesters,
marched in cities across the
country – on what is known as fête
du Travail (Labour Day) in France –
demanding a rise in pensions and
salaries and an end to Macron’s
plan to gradually raise the pension
age to 65.


Female footballers fi nally
get a level playing fi eld
Female players in the top football
league have been upgraded to
professional status by the Italian
Football Federation. The change
ends years of female Serie A
players earning capped salaries
due to being recognised only as
amateur athletes.
The upgrade removes a gross
salary cap of €30,000 ($31,500)
a season and entitles the women
to contracts that include social
security contributions such as
health insurance and pensions.


Failed integration blamed
for ‘parallel societies’

Prime minister Magdalena
Andersson has said the country
has failed to integrate immigrants ,
creating a nation of “parallel
societies ”. Speaking after riots
over the Easter weekend left
more than 100 police injured,
Andersson said Islamism and
rightwing extremism had been
allowed to fester. The number of
people living in Sweden who were
born abroad has doubled over the
past 20 years to about 2 million, or
one-fi fth of the population.


Deutsche Bank raided over
alleged money laundering
Authorities raided Deutsche
Bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt
over suspected money laundering
at the country’s largest lender.
Offi cers from the fi nancial
regulator BaFin, the federal
police, and the Frankfurt public
prosecutor’s offi ce launched a raid
after securing a search warrant
from the local court.
Deutsche Bank said the issue
had been self-reported and it was
“fully cooperating” with police
and prosecutors. It is understood
that the issue is linked to the
late fi ling of a suspicious activity
report related to Deutsche Bank’s
role as a correspondent bank.

(^10) ITALY
US army replaces birthday
cake it stole 77 years ago
American soldiers presented an
Italian woman with a birthday
cake to make up for the one their
predecessors stole, as it cooled
on a window sill 77 years ago,
when US troops arrived in her
village of San Pietro, near Vicenza
in northern Italy, to fi ght against
German soldiers.
Meri Mion, who turned 90
recently, said she had not been
expecting the replacement cake,
although clearly remembered the
moment the one baked for her
13th birthday “disappeared”.

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