The Guardian Weekly - UK (2022-05-06)

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The Guardian Weekly 6 May 2022


Iran has not received
£400m agreed by UK
The historic £400m ($500m) debt
the UK paid to Iran for the release
of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliff e and
Anoosheh Ashoori has still not
reached Tehran, according to
Iranian government sources.
A senior Iranian government
source said the money was
blocked in Oman and the problem
was not with the UK government.
One report said only £1m had
been transferred to Tehran. The
UK made it a condition that the
money would be used only for
humanitarian purposes, but this
condition was not repeated in
a statement at the time by the
Iranian government.


More than 95,000 sign
petition to release geologist
UK ministers are under increasing
pressure to help free a retired
British geologist at risk of facing
the death penalty in Iraq over
smuggling allegations.
A petition urging the release
of father-of-two Jim Fitton,
66, received more than 95,
signatures in three days after it
was launched.
Fitton has been detained for
fi ve weeks after being accused of
attempting to smuggle historic
artefacts out of the country.
His family said Fitton collected
stones and shards of broken
pottery as souvenirs while visiting
a site in Eridu , as part of a tour.


Zuma sought to hand state
assets to allies, fi nds report
Jacob Zuma has been accused of
systematic and “unlawful” eff orts
to give business allies control of
billions of dollars worth of state
assets, by the judge investigating
wrongdoing during the former
president’s years in power.
Raymond Zondo, appointed in
2018 to lead an inquiry into Zuma’s
rule, handed his report to the
president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Zuma
won power in 2009 but was forced
out nine years later amid growing
public anger at economic failures
and a series of graft scandals.


Omicron drives f ifth Covid

wave earlier than expected

South Africa may be entering
a f ifth Covid wave earlier than
expected after a sustained rise in
infections that seems to be driven
by the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron
sub-variants, health offi cials and
scientists have said.
The country, which has
recorded the most Covid cases
and deaths on the African
continent, only exited a fourth
wave in January, with a fi fth
wave predicted in May or June.
So far there was no sign that
BA.4 and BA.5 were causing
signifi cantly more severe disease,
said the National Institute for
Communicable Diseases.




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