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6 May 2022 The Guardian Weekly

Global report 7

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Dangerous heatwave leaves
millions struggling to cope
Millions are sweltering in
a dangerous early summer
heatwave across India and
Pakistan that has led to power
and water shortages as annual
furnace-like temperatures hit
south Asia. In parts of the region
temperatures reached 45C.
Heatwaves have killed more
than 6,500 people in India since
2010, and scientists say the
climate crisis is making them
harsher and more frequent across
south Asia.
The Indian states of Rajasthan,
Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh
imposed power cuts on
factories as consumption for air
conditioning and fans rocketed.
Media reports said power stations
were also facing shortages of coal,
the main source of electricity in
the nation of 1.4 billion people.


Ex-deputy PM banned over
visit to anti-vax protest
The former deputy prime
minister, Winston Peters, has
been ba n ned f rom pa rl ia ment
for two years for visiting anti-
vaccine-mandate protesters who
occupied the grounds.
The weeks-long February
protest was modelled on the
Canadian truckers’ “freedom
convoy” and blocked a number of
streets near parliament.
Peters, who was deputy prime
minister in Jacinda Ardern’s fi rst
coalition government, blamed
House speaker Trevor Mallard
for the decision. “This dictatorial
behaviour ... should be reserved
for banana republics,” he said.


Dozens missing after
building collapse
At least 23 people were trapped
under a building that collapsed
in central China, offi cials said, as
rescuers pulled apart the rubble
brick by brick to reach survivors.
The building, comprising
a hotel, fl ats and a cinema, in
Changsha city, Hunan province,
caved in leaving a gaping hole in a
densely built street front. Another
39 people were uncontactable
after the incident last Friday, the
mayor of Changsha said.
State media showed fi refi ghters
cutting through metal and sheets
of concrete. No cause for the
disaster has yet been given
by authorities.


Junta sentences Aung San
Suu Kyi to fi ve years
Aung San Suu Kyi was sentenced
to fi ve years in prison after she was
found guilty of corruption by a
court, the latest in a series of legal
cases condemned as an attempt to
remove her as a political threat.
Myanmar’s former leader, 76,
has been detained since a military
coup in February last year plunged
the country into a political crisis
and escalating confl ict. Since
then, she has been charged with
at least 18 off ences. In the latest
case, she was accused of accepting
gold and cash payments from the
former Yangon chief minister Phyo
Min Thein. Her legal team have
rejected the charges as absurd.


Climate crisis – not China –
biggest threat, to region
Growing military tensions in the
Pacifi c between China, the US
and Australia do not address the
most signifi cant security threat
to the region – the climate crisis –
former leaders of Pacifi c nations
have warned. In a statement , the
Pacifi c Elders Voice group, which
includes former leaders of the
Marshall Islands, Palau, Kiribati
and Tuvalu, as well as Dame
Meg Taylor, the former secretary
general of the Pacifi c Islands
Forum secretariat, said that “the
primary security threat to the
Pacifi c is climate change”, rather
than geo strategic tensions.
Climate-induced migration has
already begun from the Pacifi c,
with people forced to leave island
groups that are disappearing or
becoming uninhabitable due to
rising sea levels.


Outcry as man with learning
diffi culties executed
A man with learning diffi culties
was executed in Singapore for
attempting to smuggle a small
amount of heroin, despite
repeated pleas for his life to be
spared, in a case campaigners
have described as a “tragic
miscarriage of justice”.
Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam,
a Malaysian national, was arrested
in 2009, aged 21, for attempting to
carry 43g of heroin – about three
tablespoons – into Singapore.
He was sentenced to death the
year after and then spent more
than a decade on death row. His
sentence horrifi ed rights groups
and prompted an outcry around
the world, including from EU
representatives and UN experts.
Within Singapore, where support
for the death penalty is high, the
case has also prompted some to
question the city state’s approach
to drug -related crimes.
Nagaenthran had said he
was coerced into carrying the
package and did not know what
was inside. His supporters say
Nagaenthran had an IQ of 69, a
level recognised as indicating a
learning disability, and attention
defi cit hyperactivity disorder.


Naomi Judd
Country music
singer who
formed the
Grammy winning
duo the Judds
with her daughter
Wynonna. She
died on 30 April,
aged 76.

French singer
and act or, who
claimed to have
invented the
and once ran a
nightclub empire
from Paris to Los
Angeles. She died
on 1 May, aged 92.

Ric Parnell
Actor who played
the drummer Mick
Shrimpton in This
Is Spinal Tap and
later toured with
the band. He died
on 1 May, aged 70.

Mino Raiola
Dutch football
agent whose
clients included
Paul Pogba, Zlatan
Ibrahimovic and
Erling Haaland. He
died on 30 April,
aged 54.

Klaus Schulze
Composer across
many genres and
early member of
Tangerine Dream,
who as part of the
Berlin School of
electronic music
was considered
the godfather of
techno. He died on
26 April, aged 74.


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