The Guardian Weekly - UK (2022-05-06)

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6 May 2022 The Guardian Weekly



Boris Becker jailed for two
years for hiding assets
Boris Becker has been jailed for two
years and six months for hiding
millions of pounds’ worth of assets
after being made bankrupt in 2017.
Sentencing Becker, the judge,
Deborah Taylor, said: “I take into
account what has been described
as your ‘fall from grace’ .”
But she added: “You have
not shown remorse, acceptance
of your guilt and have sought
to distance yourself from your
off ending and your bankruptcy .”
The former tennis star will
serve half the full prison term. He
was found guilty of four charges
by a jury at Southwark crown
court, London, last month but
acquitted of a further 20 counts.


Speaker calls for overhaul

after series of scandals

A radical overhaul of the working
practices in Westminster is
being demanded by the House of
Commons Speaker, in the wake
of a series of scandals over sexual
harassment and bullying.
After a week in which MPs and
staff have spoken out over their
treatment in the Commons, Sir
Lindsay Hoyle said that a review
of how parliament functions was
now “urgently needed” following
the damaging revelations.
In what would be a major
restructuring of how parliament
operates, Hoyle wants to look at
ending the arrangements under
which MPs employ their staff
directly. Instead, he wants to create
a system with an outside body
employing staff. It would in eff ect
provide an independent body to
help MPs and staff with concerns.
Writing in the Observer, Hoyle
stated: “In my opinion, it is time
to consider radical action, and
review structures and processes
that could make a diff erence.”
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Some HRT products limited
to three months’ supply
Women will be able to get only
three months’ worth of certain
hormone replacement therapy
(HRT) products to improve the
general supply across the UK.
The health secretary, Sajid
Javid, has issued serious shortage
protocols to limit the dispensing
of Oestrogel, Ovestin cream and
Premique Low Dose to three
months’ supply per person to
“even out” the distribution. It
comes in response to concerns
that longer prescribing cycles
are putting pressure on the
availability of some HRT products.
However, women who have a
prescription for more than three
months’ supply will not have to pay
additional charges for treatment
they cannot access, the Department
of Health and Social Care said.
HRT can help alleviate severe
menopause symptoms including
hot fl ushes, night sweats, low
mood, anxiety and diffi culty
sleeping. HRT prescriptions have
more than doubled in England
over the past fi ve years.

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The number
of people
in England
estimated to be
without access to
NHS dental care
after more than
2,000 dentists
quit the health
service last year


 Blooming marvellous

A participant in the May Day

bank holiday ‘Jack in the

Green’ parade and festival in

Hastings. The annual event

in the seaside town takes

place over four days on the

long weekend and includes

a procession through the

streets of the old town with

dancers, drummers and

giants, and ends with the

slaying of the Jack to release

the spirit of summer.


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