Geopolitics - December 2017

(Joyce) #1

December 2017


the challenging feat of circumnavigating
the globe. The women onboard Tarini
represent not just the Indian Navy, but the
entire country. Their mission would be a
testimony to the strength and courage of
Indian women. In the past few years, these
officers have undergone rigorous training
and taken part in many sailing missions,
within and outside the country, which
have helped them to emerge as skilled
seafarers who can take on any challenge
associated with ocean sailing. With
thorough dedication, professionalism
and hard work, they have taken up a
challenge of achieving a historical and
unparalleled milestone. I am confident
that they will not only do the Navy and the
country proud but will also be a source of
inspiration to our future generations.
As far as combat roles are concerned,
lady naval officers are already in combat
role. We have over 70 of them (women
officers) as observers or tactical operators
on the maritime patrol aircraft which are
armed, the Boeing (P8I) and the IL 38.
It is this lady officer who is manning
the console, who is going to press the
button that is going to fire the missile
or drop the torpedo. As far as serving
onboard ships is concerned, we had an
issue of availability of facilities onboard.
All our new construction ships are being
constructed with suitable facilities to
embark lady officers on board, we are
examining this so that we have the right
form, fit, rules and regulation. Sooner or
later we will also have lady officers serving
on ships.

How do you prepare personnel for other ca-
reer options post retirement?
The period of engagement of Short
Service Commissioned (SSC) officers
and most of the sailors is limited. It
is, therefore, our responsibility that
their post retirement prospects are
well looked after. You must be aware
of the three agencies that facilitate
various professional courses for
retiring personnel to ensure a smooth
transition to civil life post retirement –
the Directorate General of Resettlement
(DGR), the Directorate of Ex-
Servicemen Affairs (DESA) at the Naval
Headquarters and the Bureau of Sailors
at Mumbai. This year alone, 118 officers
and 161 sailors have availed resettlement
courses in various premier institutes. As
part of the ‘Skill India’ mission, the Nav y
has taken many initiatives to facilitate
skill development of retiring personnel.
One such initiative aims to facilitate
certification of skills acquired by naval
personnel during their naval service
under the concept of ‘Recognition
of Prior Learning’ (RPL). We are also
following up with the National Institute
of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Development (NIESBUD), NOIDA for
facilitating entrepreneurship training.
The Nav y itself operates the Indian
Naval Placement Agency (INPA) to assist
retiring/retired naval personnel, Veer
Naris and their dependents in finding
suitable placement. INPA is also using
various social media platforms to reach
out to more employers.

What is your message as the Navy Chief and
Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC)
for the Indian Armed Forces and country-
men on the occasion of the Navy Day?
As the Nation moves steadfastly on the
charted course for fulfilling its rightful
aspirations of all-round development,
the Armed Forces have a major role
in ensuring that a stable and secure
environment, conducive for sustained
economic growth prevails. Given the
evolving security situation in our
neighbourhood and around the world,
this is no easy task by any means. We
have recently witnessed intense activities
on the land borders and the need to
maintain a relentless vigil cannot be over-
emphasised. The maritime medium is
also coming under increasing focus not
only with regard to its immense potential
for resources, trade and connectivity,
but also due to our vulnerability to the
conventional and sub-conventional
threats originating from the seas. The
Armed Forces, therefore, need to remain
prepared at all times and continuously
assess the situation so as to remain
ahead of our potential adversaries. Every
man and woman in uniform is not only
aware of his or her role towards nation
building but is also extremely proud
of it as reflected in this year’s theme of
Navy Week – ‘A Combat Ready Force for
National Security’. With that confidence,
I would like to re-assure my countrymen
that our Army, Navy and the Air Force
are fully prepared to deal with any threat,
anywhere and anytime.

The Chief of Naval Staff,
Admiral Sunil Lanba
exchanging the signed
documents of bilateral
agreement with the Naval
Chief of Singapore Rear
Admiral Lew Chuen
Hong, in the presence of
the Minister for Defence,
Nirmala Sitharaman and
the Defence Minister of
Singapore, Ng Eng Hen, in
New Delhi on November
29, 2017. The Chief of the
Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal
PIB B S Dhanoa is also seen

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